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Indiana's #1 Rated CBD Extraction Facility 

CO2 Industrial Hemp Extraction Facility located in Westfield Indiana.
Featuring the best CBD Oil in the United States.

Industrial Hemp Processing & Extraction 

CO2 Extraction facility focused on USDA industrial hemp and CBD Manufacturing 
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Indiana's Top Rated 

Hemp Extraction facility

NXT Labs is located in the heart of Indiana's hemp industry, focused on USDA Industrial Hemp Processing and Formulation.  Featuring industry leading GMP Qualified CO2 Extractors and Volumetric Filling Equipment. 

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NXT Labs Toll-Processing Programs

CO2 Extraction Processing for every budget, from the small

farmers throughout the United States, to Industry Leading

USDA Hemp Programs.



Pay Per Input Pound Programs 
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Split Profit Tolling-Programs 

About NXT Labs

Experience and Certifications


NXT Labs has a combined 20+ years of Cannabis Extraction expertise focused on the Scientific Method and process parameters that are unique to your USDA Regulated Industrial Hemp. Operating as one of the first licenses to legally grow and process hemp in the great state of Indiana, our team comes from Industrial Hemp Arenas from throughout the United States.


Our contract facilities operate both industrial-scale and commercial-scale industry leading CO2 extraction equipment by Isolate Extraction Systems (IES CO2 Extractors) focused on the molecular density.


Compliant with USDA Organic, ISO 9001, Global GAP,  and CGMP. 

Why Extract with NXT Labs? 

We Are Focused on CO2 Crude Extraction


NXT Labs offers critical first-stage processing which takes your group's Hemp Biomass and transforms it into Shelf-Stable CO2 Extract. NXT's use of both commercial and industrial sized CO2 extractors allows for us to adjust our minimum contract sizes from 500 lbs of dry-weight flower and up. The use of multiple sizes of IES CO2 Extractors allows NXT Labs to offer our superior services at a cost that is much lower than that of our competitors who may not have the scalability for high-throughput production. Full-Spectrum extracts are the most versatile commodity in the Global Hemp Markets as it is the basis of all concentrates, distillates, and isolates which are used in Retail CBD Products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

Investing in Shelf-Life and Stability


Extraction is an essential step in your Hemp's life-cycle, it's a necessary decision that every hemp farm faces.  Shelf stable CO2 extracts ensure the longevity of your harvest in the face of a changing Hemp market. Raw Hemp Biomass takes up considerable floor space and is subjected to numerous environmental factors which can destroy your investment, and even climate controlled hemp storage facilities will degrade over time, and its value will degrade with it. CO2 Extracts takes up a fraction of the storage space of Hemp Biomass and allow for boutique oil profiling that ensures your brand's stability over time. Shelf stable for up to 5+ years. Ensure the future of your investment by scheduling your extraction today!

Formulation Ready Distillate Level Extracts 



CO2 extraction produces the cleanest, ultra-concentrated, phytocannabinoid-rich, full-spectrum extract. One of the greatest differentiating powers of Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) and subcritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide (CO2) is the tunable selectivity of the extraction workflow. This allows for NXT Labs extractors to selectively target cannabinoids while avoiding other polar and non-polar elements of the cannabis plant like sugars, chlorophylls, waxes, fats/lipids, and pesticides (that are water-soluble).


Ethanol Extraction cannot selectively target cannabinoids or other polar and non-polar molecules and acts as an aggressive solvent.


Why CO2 Extraction?



When a cannabis product degrades over time due to the chemical breakdown of molecular bonds, extractions lose their potency and cannabinoids isomerize. Under certain conditions, like air oxidation, products will isomerize into other cannabinoids. The same rule applies to terpene potency as well. That means your product may not function, smell, or taste as expected when stored improperly or beyond its recommended shelf life.

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