Here is a little bit about your best friends tincture:

  • Seed Genetics: Boax & Cherry Wine 
  • USDA Certified Hemp that was grown in Indiana (Summer of 2019) 
  • Extracted via CO2 Extraction Method in Westfield, IN (January of 2020) 
  • Analytics by Altitude Analytics in Denver, CO (January of 2020) 
  • Bottled by NXT Labs LLC in Westfield, IN (July of 2020) - Batch #0010
  • 3.3mg of Active CBD per 1ml (1-Dropper) dosage

At NXT Labs we ask that you dose your best friend with the utmost care, f you truly care for your animal, remember that your animal cannot speak up when it’s feeling off because it’s overdosed. Intraspecies and interspecies differences are very common in terms of the anatomical sites and density of cannabinoid receptors. Receptors, in canines, are located densely in the brain stem and medulla oblongata, which controls vital autonomic functions such as respiration and heart rate. 


One interspecies variation in the anatomical location of the CB1 receptors is found in dogs. As compared to humans, studies have determined the number of CB1 receptors in hind brain structures in the dog to FAR exceed those found in the human animal. Studies HAVE FOUND dogs have large numbers of cannabinoid receptors in the cerebellum, brain stem, and medulla oblongata. “Static ataxia,” which is a unique neurological reaction to THC in the dog, is explained by this high concentration of CB receptors in the cerebellum.  Static ataxia causes severe unbalance and has very harmful effects on canines. Yes all Mammals have ECs but it’s the anatomy and how the chemistry interacts with that anatomy that is important. 


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