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for the Hemp 


Extraction & Processing 

At NXT Labs we specialize in CO2 Extraction Techniques.  Unlike other solvents used throughout the industrial hemp industry CO2 leaves no residues within the oil profiles & will not change the chemical composition of the oil. Our process is quick & effective, giving us the ability to process up to 700 LBS a day, creating standard oil profiles that showcase 70% Total Cannabinoid Profiles.  


At NXT Labs we produce best-in-class hemp cultivars proven by our repeatable feminization and consistent cannabinoid levels. We back up our genetics with customer service you can count on. We understand the risks involved with modern hemp farming practices and that is why we prove our seed varietals first in our greenhouses, and then on your farms.


At NXT Labs we support the growth and development of every aspect of the industrial hemp industry, from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in our farms to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in our facilities.  We believe that ethics begin where compliance ends. 

Consulting Services

The Hemp Industry is no different from any other industry and it all begins with a solid business plan summarizing the operational and financial objectives you are looking to achieve.  NXT Labs can help you to create a detailed plan, budgets and a plan for executing your future hemp project. Your business plan is the road map to your success and NXT Labs can help you to find your path.  In addition to our standard agriculture consulting, we offer consulting services for processing & manufacturing, as well as the ability to help you develop your final products for retail. 

Hemp Processor

Botanical Processor

CBD Wholesale

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