Industrial Hemp meets the Scientific Method 

Featuring Industry Leading CO2 Extraction Technology, making NXT Labs the #1 Rated Hemp Extraction Facilities in the MidWest.


100% Automation

2 – 20 Liter Solvent Chamber

8-12 minutes per/lbs of capacity 

Loading Capacity of 20-30 LBS 

Double Fraction Expansion Chambers

Flow Rate of 4.2 KG/MIN


100% Automation

2- 50 Liter Solvent Chambers

1-3 Minutes per/lbs of capacity 

Loading Capacity of 50LBS

Double Fraction Expansion Chambers

Flow Rate of 8.2 KG/MIN

Contract Phase

This phase is often the most overlooked, this is where your team decides what level of quality is most important. 

Intake Process

Critical first step, that ensures the quality and stability of your hemp biomass - curing/drying, grinding, & storage


After the biomass has been verified by 3rd Party Analysis, we create a program specific to your biomass based on the COA


After all quality controls have been satisfied, we begin removing the carbon atom from your biomass .


Based upon an approved program, the process of concentrating the cannabinoids present in your botanical begins

Why Choose NXT Labs?

NXT Labs Understands Cannabinoid Stability:

Cannabis Product degrade over time due to the chemical breakdown of molecular bonds, and extractions can lose their potency when non-desired molecules are present in the oils.  NXT places quality controls to ensure product stability. 

NXT Labs Understands the Extraction Process:  

Extraction processes like Ethanol, and even non-technical carbon dioxide facilities will extract polar and non-polar molecules alike, ethanol in particular has a hydroxyl (OH) molecule that extracts water soluble molecules like pesticides, sugars, chlorophylls (A & B) and many more. These non-desireable molecules must be removed post-extraction, NXT Labs avoids these at all cost by selectively targeting the cannabinoids in your botanical.    


NXT Labs Understands Cannabinoid Isomerization:

Under certain conditions, like air oxidation, products will isomerize into other cannabinoids.  Isomerization means that your product may not function, smell, or taste as expected, especially when stored improperly or beyond its recommended shelf life.  NXT Labs has processes in place that mitigate risks that expose your cannabis oil to molecular change - we ensure that moisture, oxygen and terpenes are remediated from every batch with a solvent-free process.  

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